How to become a good driver?


How to become a good driver?

The era of neo-liberalists has passed, and today most experts without any doubts and with both hands support the necessity of state economic regulation. However, they cannot give an unambiguous answer to the question – how far and in what areas of the economy, state should “drive” the economy. By the way, it should have good driver skills (you can drive gently and smoothly like a limousine or fast like a sport car or just pull the levers – like a bulldozer).

Obviously, this problem is very specific for each country, depending on its political system, level of economic development and etc. This is the regulatory impact assessment or RIA. It is important to note that there are not set of specific parameters of RIA. It all depends fr om the priority goals of decision makers. In some countries, the emphasis is on assessing the impact on business development, in the other – the impact on environment safety.

However, in any case, the primary role of RIA – taking balanced, deliberates decisions at the state level, and screenings of inefficient decisions at the stage of adoption to a regulatory act.

For Uzbekistan, where the state is an active implementer of the reforms, the issue of economic development regulation is very important. However, some our bureaucrats have skeptical mood about the RIA methodology, which negatively affects on it development. If we again to analogize this situation with car driving process, it can be compared with using the maps instead modern navigator, which is much more convenient and efficient.

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