What to research in 2013?


What to research in 2013?

Dear colleagues,

It is time to formulate new Research agenda of the Center for Economic Research for 2013.

We will definitely examine opinions of the businessmen, academic scientists, state employees and international organization specialists to determine the contemporary and relevant research trends (in economic and social politics, institutional reforms, administrative reforms, and etc.). Undoubtedly, we will take into consideration all of the provided feedbacks for 2013 research agenda.

Meanwhile, we would greatly appreciate your comments on the following question:

Which areas of research are of current interest at the present stage of the socio-economic development of the country?

For medium- and long-term period CER has grouped development issues in the following main clusters:

1. Institutional Transformation: administrative reform; deepening institutional reforms; optimization of management system.

2. Spatial Transformation: issues of territorial development, urbanization, employment, transport and transit.

3. Social Transformation and cultural change: issues of social sector and young generation; improving institutes of social assistance etc.

4. Economic transformation: structural adjustments; financial liberalization; energy-efficiency, “green” economy; etc.

Whether we will find comments interesting and relevant, we will certainly include them into the research agenda.

Moreover, if the provided feedback on the prospective research topics is being included into the research plan of the Center, and if you have a desire to take part in the preparation of the given research, you can work as a national consultant on the basis of the contract and become one of the authors of the report.

Please join us for the fruitful cooperation!

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