Green Economy for Human Development


Green Economy for Human Development
Human being is at the center of concerns for sustainable development. Therefore, the ultimate goal of any policies and reforms being implemented is to ensure the improved human well-being on a persistent and sustainable basis.

Based on this logic within the post-2015 Agenda environmental sustainability should not be a final development goal (as it is positioned at the moment), but an effective instrument to provide improved life for people. In other words, environmental factors need to be considered as a prism through which we look at the world and attain major development goals.

Within this conceptual framework environmental sustainability could not be considered separately from economic and social factors. Therefore, in order to implement an integrated approach we suggest to focus on Green Economy rather than focusing just on environmental sustainability. The main difference from the current approach would be that the goals are not oriented at one area (just environmental factors), but are cross-sectoral and related to a number of areas simultaneously, thus ensuring the achievement of the overall development objectives. In order to put the human being at the center of the analysis we suggest to employ the concept of Green Economy for Human Development.

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