Approaches for regional development


Approaches for regional development

Currently, the regional economic development objectives are achieved largely through the use of instruments of direct impact. They include: the approvement of forecast and inventory, planned for implementation of investment projects in the framework of regional development programs, industry and target programs, investment programs, programs of localization of production, job creation and employment, etc.

In the frames of these programs most of the measures are being successfully implemented, but this tool is often not efficient enough in terms of regional development. These programs do not always take into account the existing socio-economic potential and opportunities of the regions, which leads to non-fulfillment of targets in some cases.

In order to identify the existing potential for the development of regional industrial production special calculations have been made. The calculation was performed basing on four factors which showed the greatest relationship with the growth of industrial production by the results of the primary analysis: 1) the level of development of agriculture, 2) the value of investments, 3) the level of education of the population, 4) the level of liberalization of the tax burden.

To enhance the development of industrial potential in the regions of Uzbekistan two levels of action are offered. Learn more and join our discussion on Transformation Blog.