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Ensuring general access to preschool education


Ensuring general access to preschool education

As international experience for the development of abilities of the growing child shows, the basic knowledge and skills should be formed well before going to school. Writing, reading and counting, acquired in early childhood up to 6-7 years, help achieve academic progress in high school and lay a solid foundation for further education. According to the Organization for Economic Assistance, performance of primary school pupils, who attended kindergartens, is 12% higher than average.

The concept of general access to preschool education, which means the provision of free education for children aged 3 to 6 years, was accepted almost everywhere in European countries of OECD. In this regard, the public network of preschool institutions is developed much stronger.

In developed countries, such as France, the Netherlands, South Korea, Germany more than 100% of preschool children are involved in preschool education and upbringing. In Austria, Portugal, Norway, the number is more than 80%.

In Uzbekistan, the coverage of preschool education is still low. At the moment it covers only 23% of eligible children. However, coverage is one of the priorities for the future. Learn more and join our discussion on Transformation Blog.