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  • Promoting energy efficiency of buildings in Uzbekistan

Promoting energy efficiency of buildings in Uzbekistan


Promoting energy efficiency of buildings in Uzbekistan

Compared with developed countries with similar climate conditions, the potential for energy savings in buildings in Uzbekistan is more than 50% annually. The results showed that the planned volumes in the country for new construction and renovation through the introduction of energy-saving measures in residential and public buildings by 2030 could provide annual energy savings of up to 35%. In this case, the annual energy savings would be 550 million USD in 2020, and 2.1 billion USD by 2030.

In addition to direct benefits arising due to energy savings, additional benefits can be obtained by establishing and expanding the production of necessary materials, equipment, development of related industries and the creation of additional jobs in these industries. Estimated volume of construction and reconstruction of buildings during 2020-2030 will provide additional demand for 2.67 million cubic metre of mineral products; 0.12 million cubic metre of polymeric materials; 3.21 million cubic metre of foam concrete (aerated concrete), which is equivalent to 820.5 million USD annually.

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