Home-made VS School Breakfasts


Home-made VS School Breakfasts

In most of developed countries, the issue of quality of school meals equates to the issue of national security.

Great Britain is the first country which introduced a state system of free meals for students in 1906. British nutritionists have come to a curious conclusion after making a nutrition research of school children. It turns out that food, cooked by professional school chefs and based on recommendations of nutrition specialists, is much healthier for children than breakfasts that are cooked at home and given by parents to school. Scientists have found that children, who constantly eat at home or bringing food with them, have an increased level of cholesterol and blood sugar compared with a group of students eating at school. This is most likely due to the fact that not all parents have necessary information of how to cook dietary healthy meals, both for themselves and for the children.

Which European countries are the leading ones in providing school children with free meals at school? And how do you feel about the idea of introducing a free lunch (for example, packaged milk and a cone or an apple), at least in Uzbekistan's elementary schools?

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