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Development of competitive environment in Uzbekistan


Development of competitive environment in Uzbekistan

Until 90-ies of XX century, there was no competition in Uzbekistan due to the specifics of the planned economy with its inherent state monopoly in all spheres. Monopoly occurred in: a) a high level of concentration of industries, many of which were represented by 1-2 large enterprises; b) the general shortage of goods, which formed a "seller’s market" when each enterprise "inevitably" became a monopolist; c) the absence of private property and private enterprises, which are the basis of competition in market economies.

With the start of market reforms, the formation of a competitive environment has become a priority of economic policy and was implemented through:

a) the introduction of the institution of private property, denationalization, and privatization

b) de-monopolization of industries through the restructuring of large enterprises, as well as the formation of small business and private entrepreneurship;

c) the establishment of market mechanisms in the commodity and financial markets.

What are the results? What macroeconomic indicators could be cited as an argument against the increase/decrease in the quality of the competitive environment?

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