Peer review discussion


Peer review discussion

Today, CER Research Coordinators are having the following three ongoing Policy Papers to discuss in their agenda:

1. Mechanisms of public investment management (on the basis of international experience)

Due to active presence of the state in investment, the dynamics of indicators of return (on capital, return on 1 sum investments, the overall performance of resource use) shows the decline in the efficiency of investment use. The access to a number of infrastructural benefits, which are traditionally the main objects of public investments, is also reducing. According to world experience, the growing volume of public investment due to lower dynamics of efficiency use indicators, as a rule, shows the need to improve the mechanism of public investment management.

Research Coordinator: Ms. J.Fattakhova

2. The implementation of long-term development plans: mechanisms and incentives to coordinate the activities of the government, private sector and public

The new stage of socio-economic reforms/development poses new challenges for the state related to the mobilization of the potential of the society. First of all, this is a more intensive participation of private enterpreneurship in the investment process and, thus, in the deepening of structural reforms in the economy. The administrative methods will not work here. That' s why market incentives and mechanisms are necessary. Therefore, it is important to develop mechanisms not just for the dialogue with business and other groups in society, but for the full-scale partnership.

Research Coordinator: Mr. I.Kamilov

3. Intelligent transport systems: the most important way to improve the efficiency of transport sector in Uzbekistan

Currently, Uzbekistan has several long-term trends which will shape the prospects and dynamics of transport sector development. As the international experience shows, active introduction of elements of intelligent transport systems (ITS) is the main direction of reducing the costs of car ownership for the country and the economy. The introduction of ITS includes the improvement of traffic safety, traffic management in transport networks and the elimination of the jams, more efficient use of the transport system and improvement of environmental situation.

The aim of research is to develop recommendations in optimization and improvement of policy efficiency of ITS implementation in Uzbekistan in the medium term.

Research Coordinator: Mr. B.Ergashev