Peer review discussion


Peer review discussion

Today, CER experts are going to discuss new on-going research on "Inter-industry cooperation as a main driver of accelerated structural transformations, expansion of productive employment and value-chains."

By 2030, Uzbekistan should become upper middle-income country, ensure an annual growth rate at an average of 8%, implement a structural transformation of the economy with adjusting the share of manufacturing industry from 33.5% to 40%, and with increase of the share of manufacturing idustry by 2.5 times.

Achievement of the objectives of increasing the share of processing industries in Uzbekistan will also require the use of reserves of inter-sectoral cooperation. The key problem is that today the potential of inter-sectoral cooperation in Uzbekistan isn't involved enough. For example, today, multiplier of demand in the chemical industry is 3 times less than the potential value, and in the automotive industry - 2.5 times.

To enable inter-industry cooperation as the driving force of accelerated structural reforms, it is important to identify key industries and production that have maximum potential in terms of generating a multiplier effect to stimulate aggregate demand, the formation of production chains, and the creation of productive work places in the economy.

Research Coordinator: Ms.K.Mukhamedkhanova