Inter-agency mission


Inter-agency mission

CER has conducted an inter-agency mission of international consultants within the framework of Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA) “Addressing the Shift from Rural to Urban Poverty” project which addresses the problems and development prospects of urban development in Uzbekistan with focus on the analysis of structure and income level of urban population, and on urban poverty.

The team of international consultants included the following experts:

  • Mr. Terry McKinley, UNDP
  • Mr. Jean-Yves Barcelo, UN Habitat
  • Ms. Tatyana Roskoshnaya, UN Habitat
  • Ms. Anna Badina, UNECE

The agenda of the inter-agency mission included a number of meetings with the senior management and specialists of key line ministries, government agencies, scientific institutions, NGOs and international organizations. The meetings allowed the consultants to discuss the problems and perspectives of urbanization in Uzbekistan, as well as approaches to privatization, experience in creating private home-owners’ associations, and national programs which are being implemented in the field of housing construction both in urban and rural areas.

The mission objective was to study the existing situation in the system of urban planning, housing reform and housing construction, city management, city budgets and inter-budgetary interaction in Uzbekistan, as well as to analyze demographic situation in the cities, living standards and income structure of urban population.

The mission results will be used for development of a policy brief on the immediate and long-term impact of economic crisis and mitigation of its effects on urban population.

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