Towards Vision 2030


Towards Vision 2030

On May 28, 2014 CER experts meet World Bank Mission to discuss the draft of the “Uzbekistan Vision 2030” report.

The World Bank Mission of sector leaders and main authors of the draft summary Vision 2030 report (joint initiative of the World Bank and the Government of Uzbekistan) led by Mr.Christos Kostopulos, Lead Economist and Sector Leader (PREM) will be working in Tashkent during May 28-30, 2014.

The mission members will include Mr. Naveed Hassan Navqi, Sector Leader (ECSHD), Mrs. Helen Edmundson, Country Economist (PREM), and Mr. Eskender Trushin, Senior Economist (PREM). Mr. Craig Meisner, Senior Environmental Economist (ECSEN) will join the mission via video connection in the World Bank Country Office in Tashkent to discuss environmental sustainability issues.

The main objectives of the Mission are:

1. To conduct small group discussion with key government counterparts and two think tanks (CER and IFMR) the draft summary report Vision 2030 and reveal gaps in the analysis;

2. Follow up on the next steps for the work in support of Uzbekistan Vision 2030.

Within the Vision 2030 project, CER provides an analytical support by conducting following research projects:

  1. Public and private sector roles in the supply of transport infrastructure and services in Uzbekistan and Central Asia: how transport can facilitate structural transformation?
  2. Energy and Environment: Shifting to Resource Efficient Growth Model
  3. Formation of enabling competitive environment as a key factor to increase effectiveness of the economic performance and accelerating structural reforms
  4. Human Resource Policies for Higher Productivity

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