“Vision 2030” Working group meeting


“Vision 2030” Working group meeting

On September 17, a next meeting of the working group, involved into the development of the "Vision 2030" Uzbekistan’s Long-term Development Strategy was held at the United Nations Development Programme Country office. Representatives of the World Bank, UNDP, as well as Research Coordinators of two local "Think tanks" (implementing analytical centers), Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research (IFMR) and the Center for Economic Research participated at the meeting to discuss conceptual approaches to the "Vision 2030" formulation.

CER and IFMR presented their analytical work done so far and serving as inputs to the Vision, in following areas: sources of economic growth, reforms in the area of monetary and fiscal policy, industrial policy and regional development, trade policy, development of institutions and social protection.

By the end of the meeting parties agreed on further steps on the "Vision 2030" formulation process.

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