CER presented Uzbekistan’s intellectual capacity in Seoul


CER presented Uzbekistan’s intellectual capacity in Seoul

"Accelerating Innovation and Inclusion for a Prosperous Asia" is the theme of Asian Think Tank Development Forum 2014, which was held on November 20-21 in Seoul, Korea, and organized jointly by the Asian Development Bank and the Korea Development Institute. Senior level officials/staff of about 35 think tanks fr om 26 member countries of ADB participated in the second forum.

CER Research coordinator, Ms. Kamila Mukhamedkhanova, made a presentation on the "Effective Social Protection for a Transforming Economy and Society of Uzbekistan" Research project.

The 2nd Asian Forum has focused on two development issues that are of high significance to developing Asia: innovation and inclusion. The forum comprised of presentations fr om the participating think tanks on several thrusts such as regional economic integration, tackling the threats and opportunities presented by the various trading blocks on the developing countries among others. As early as February of this year, a Call for Papers was issued that resulted in the selection and preparation of 16 research papers (fr om India, Indonesia, China, Korea), including CER Research on Social Protection for presentation at the forum.

The 1st ADB-Asian Think Tank Development Forum with the theme "Innovation and Inclusion for a Prosperous Asia" was held last year on October 30-31 in Beijing, where CER also took active participation.

The successful conduct of the 1st ADB-Asian Think Tank Development Forum led to the establishment of the ADB-Asian Think Tank Network. More than 20 countries and 30 Research Institutions fr om Asia and Pacific comprise this Network. Its members are Asian think tanks working on sustainable development and inclusive growth. The Network, of which CER is one of its founding members, decided to make the annual ADB-Asian Think Tank Development Forum as its flagship knowledge sharing event, showcasing the researches done by the members under the auspices of ADB.

As Ms.Mukhamedkhanova pointed out, "Development Forum enables its members to promote research networking. We can present our research projects, test our unique research ideas and approaches with the network members and glean insights fr om their fellow think tanks. Actually, we are now witnessing an emergence of a new intellectual network, where Uzbekistan is one of the co-founders and analytical capacity of our country is highly recognized at the international level. Moreover, personal ties provide an opportunity to work further together, share knowledge and develop joint initiatives."

"I would like to highlight the special format of the Forum, where after each presentation participants had enough time for a very broad and provocative discussion. Given that participants represent various research areas, countries and organizations, this Forum provides an opportunity to find and discuss transdisciplinary and unconventional dimensions and approaches to the development issues."

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