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Uzbekistan towards 2030: Transition to the Resource-efficient Growth Model


Uzbekistan towards 2030: Transition to the Resource-efficient Growth Model

On February 18, 2015 a Round Table devoted to "Sustainable Development and Sustainable Growth: Managing Resources more efficiently" (Vision -2030) with the involvement of representatives of international organizations, diplomatic corps, national and international experts was held at the Center for Economic Research.

The event was organized within the Strategy of structural reforms of Uzbekistan for 2030 "Vision-2030", a joint initiative of the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme and the Government of Uzbekistan.

Development Dialogue started with opening remarks from Mr. Stefan Priesner, Resident Representative of the United Nations in Uzbekistan, including welcoming speech from the Team leader of the research working team – Mr. Jurabek Mirzamakhmudov, First Deputy Chairman of "Uzkimyosanoat". The key findings and recommendations of the CER/UNDP research project "Uzbekistan towards 2030: Transition to the Resource-efficient Growth Model" were presented during the Round Table.

For this event, a video-participation of several international experts was arranged via Skype. The comments to the research were given by Ms.Marina Olshanskaya (Regional Technical Advisor on Energy, Infrastructure, Technology and Transportation issues, UNDP Regional Center in Istanbul), Dr. Alex Bowen (Principal Research Fellow, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science), Mr. Ben Slay (Senior Advisor for Strategic Policy UNDP Regional Centre in Istanbul), and Ms. Sheila Marnie (Central Asian Economist, UNDP). In addition, representative of the World Bank – Mr. Eskender Trushin, Senior Economist, delivered the comments of Mr. Craig M. Meisner, Senior Environmental Economist of the World Bank.

During Open discussion, Mr. Abduvakkos Abdurakhmanov, the Head of Environment and Energy Unit of UNDP Uzbekistan, supported the idea of importance to develop decentralized small units for solar energy. Ms.Liliya Zavyalova, Manager of "Supporting Uzbekistan in Transition to a Low-Emission Development Path" UNDP Project, pointed out that the strategy could be the basis for the development of benchmarks for agreement on climate change to be adopted this year.

In conclusion, Mr. Priesner said that the prepared document presented very important and convincing evidences of the need to move to a new growth model. It was also emphasized that the Round Table helped to ensure the dialogue between representatives of government, international organizations operating on the territory of Uzbekistan, regional offices of international organizations, including major international experts.

Attached you will find the Agenda of the Development Dialogue.

Photos from the event are available on CER official Facebook page.

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