Uzbekistan in international ratings


Uzbekistan in international ratings

"Uzbekistan in international ratings. Why and how to improve its positions" was the title of Round Table held on March 5, 2015 at the Center for Economic Research. The main purpose of the event, that brought together 20 experts fr om key ministries and agencies, public and research institutions, international organizations, was to identify further areas of research and possible pilot projects and initiatives in the area of ​​improving the position of Uzbekistan in the international ratings.

In recent research, CER analyzed over 40 most popular international ratings, identified the most influential of them, and also considered the positions of Uzbekistan in those ratings, where it was represented. The results of this work were delivered by Senior Research Coordinator, Mr. Ildus Kamilov.

The representative of the Generalization of evaluation indicators and the preparation of the economic survey department of the Ministry of Economy, Mr.Abduazizov, presented to participants of the Round Tablethe results and future work plans implemented by the Government of Uzbekistan to improve the position in Doing Business Report.

During the discussion, the participants agreed that the Government of Uzbekistan paid much attention to improving the position of Uzbekistan in the international ratings. The work is conducted by the Ministry of Economy, the State Committee of Uzbekistan on Privatization, Demonopolization and Development of Competition, the Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research, the Institute for Social Research, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the United Nations Development Programme, and others.

However, it was noted that insufficient attention was paid to the issue of ratings by legal and political institutions. Despite that the implementation of economic reforms, one way or another, affects institutional reforms, a complex systemic work, aimed primarily at improving the quality of institutions, would have been the most effective in this matter.