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Uzbekistan presents the II National Report on the Millennium Development Goals


Uzbekistan presents the II National Report on the Millennium Development Goals

On 30 April, 2015 the 2-nd national Millennium Development Goals (MDG) report of Uzbekistan was launched in Tashkent’s Wyndham Hotel. The event was attended by representatives of Government ministries and institutions, international agencies, diplomatic corps, experts and the civil society.

This report is a joint effort of the Government of Uzbekistan and the United Nations (UN) agencies in Uzbekistan, and it aims to provide an analysis and assessment of the country’s progress towards the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals during 2000-2013. It also identifies key factors that have contributed to the achievement of the goals as well as highlighting the challenges the country will have to address in the years to come.

The report provides a meaningful account of how Uzbekistan has progressed in achieving the following nationalized MDGs:

MDG 1 Improve living standards and reduce malnutrition

MDG 2 Improve the quality of education in primary and secondary schools

MDG 3 Promote gender equality and empower women

MDG 4 Reduce child mortality

MDG 5 Improve maternal health

MDG 6 Combat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria

MDG 7 Ensure environmental sustainability

MDG 8 Uzbekistan and global partnership for Development

As the country embarks on a phase of accelerated transformation processes, the national strategy for maintaining further improvements in sustainable human development will need to be adapted. Therefore, along with the analysis of the achievements, the authors of the report outline key directions for the country’s socio-economic development beyond 2015.

Thus, the report marks an important timescale for Uzbekistan to start consultations on how the global post-2015 agenda and the set of SDGs will fit within the country’s own development planning and priorities for the next period.

The MDG report is the result of a highly participatory and consultative process: 8 working groups were formed with national experts from more than 15 Ministries and institutions and representatives of eight UN agencies; 4 rounds of working group meetings and round tables were organized to discuss the structure and core content of the document; several international experts were involved in its preparation. The Center of Economic Research (CER), a coordinating body on preparation of the MDG Report, has made a presentation of MDG Report to highlight the progress towards attainment of MDGs in Uzbekistan. In turn, the UN Office in Uzbekistan has delivered information on key principles and priorities of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at the global level.

Photos from the event are available on CER official Facebook page.