New framework for CER and UNDP cooperation


New framework for CER and UNDP cooperation

On May 9-13, 2016, Mr. Ben Slay, Senior Advisor at UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub, arrives in Uzbekistan for a visit. The purpose is to discuss the details of the new umbrella project document for cooperation between UNDP, the Center for Economic Research (CER) and other institutes of the country.

The appointment with CER Management Staff was scheduled for May 10. The participants discussed such issues as the new concept note of the project document for support of the national think tanks in Uzbekistan. During the visit, the Advisor will also have meetings at the Ministry of Economy, the Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research (IFMR), the Institute of Social Studies (ISS), the Offices of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. The draft version of the concept document on the new cooperation project will be delivered as a result of these meetings.

Brief information about Mr. Ben Slay:

Mr. Ben Slay is an expert economist specializing in socio-economic development issues of the Central Asian region, with a solid record of providing technical assistance in Uzbekistan, working with national partners and think tanks. He also has 25 years of experience in economics and policy analysis, policy and programming for sustainable development, research and teaching, and UNDP strategic, programme, project management.