The new issue of “Economic Review” magazine is now available


The new issue of “Economic Review” magazine is now available The main theme of the magazine is the problem of climate change - "Green" mission and the related issues of environmental transformation. 

Moreover, you can get acquainted with the changes taking place in a large business environment, learn the dynamics of the stock exchange turnover and price changes in the national exchange USI. 

From there, you gradually move to the topic of the development of tourism. Why potential of Uzbekistan is not implemented in full? What will happen to the industry in the future? 

The next point of consideration will be the development of the transport sector of the country. Transportation highway - a road to peace, building and progress.

Category "Innovation" is entirely devoted to ICT platforms. Following this trend, heading Global trends completely occupied by the theme "Year of surprises." The next section of the review we have dedicated product market in the country.

And the final element of the hotel was an article devoted to the geographical isolation of Uzbekistan, a country with no access to the sea. Read more about this and many other things you can find on the pages of our magazine and from the sources of our partners.

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