Roundtable discussion on Food Security


Roundtable discussion on Food Security

A discussion of project framework on - “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in Uzbekistan”.

Currently, expert team at the Center for Economic Research (CER) is engaged in developing a flagship project - “National policy on sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition”. The concept of the project encompasses a wide range of issues related to ensuring balanced and high quality nutrition, sustainable development of agriculture, sufficient production of foodstuffs, and effective activity of food markets in Uzbekistan.

Formulation of an effective national policy is deemed important also due to the Global Food Crisis emerged in 2007, which has demonstrated the urge for a careful and comprehensive analysis of national food policy, and the need to sustain food security. It is possible to conclude that another cycle of food crisis can emerge, following the current financial crisis. Hence, the current “respite” should be used as an opportunity to develop and implement a solid national food policy.

In such effort, the Center for Economic Research (CER), with the request of the Government of Uzbekistan, has initiated development of the national agricultural and food policy, which is intended to promote a more effective use of available capacities in production and export of food products, ensure balanced nutrition for the population and address food security. In order to ensure a broad participatory approach of stakeholders in formulating national food and agricultural policy, as well as to obtain comments and suggestions on the revised draft of action plan on April xx, 2009 at 10:00, CER held a roundtable discussion in its conference hall. The comments and suggestions proposed during the roundtable discussion are to be incorporated in further elaboration of the draft of national food and agricultural policy. The roundtable involved various stakeholders, including representatives of Government agencies, institutions, international organizations, CER staff, and those engaged in agriculture industry.