Workshop on integration of results in national policies


Workshop on integration of results in national policies

On January 12-13, 2010 the third module of training workshop on monitoring and evaluation of current policies in education and healthcare sectors was conducted within the framework of “Health and Education Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity Building” project.

The seminar was held with participation of Ludovico Carraro (Oxford Policy Management), the international consultant of the project. During the workshop participants discussed an integration of new indicators for program monitoring in pilot sectors, tested during the sociological survey.

The “Health and Education Monitoring & Evaluation Capacity Building” Project aims at assisting the Government in developing and implementing outcomes-orientated monitoring and evaluation approaches in the health and education sectors. The Project is supported by the World Bank within technical assistance to the process of formulation, monitoring and evaluation of Welfare Improvement Strategy of Uzbekistan 2008-2010 (WIS).

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