News Release: Latest Publications


News Release: Latest Publications

The Center for Economic Research (CER) has prepared and released two latest publications - Uzbekistan Almanac 2008, and Uzbekistan Economy. The publications were presented to mass media on April 9, 2009 at the CER.

More precisely, Uzbekistan Almanac 2008 represents a review of a long-term development dynamic of Uzbekistan, and will be published in Russian and Uzbek languages. The publication contains information on governance structure, political, legislative, and law enforcement systems in the country. In addition, significant data on geographic location and natural resources, foreign policy and economic relations, and public system, are included in the publication. Information on human development factors such as population size, employment, income, education, diseases, housing and dwelling levels are provided in a great detail. Indicators describing present status and conditions within regions and industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, transport, and services sector, as well as budget statistics, and banking and insurance sectors are emphasized in the publication.

The sources used in the development of the publication included data provided by the State Committee for Statistics, as well as press items, international, and I&R publications. The information is presented using high definition diagrams, graphs, and tables. According to the authors, following the first release of Almanac, annual update is planned. The authors are expecting the publication to be particularly popular among private sector and foreign investors, as well as local entrepreneurs.

Another important informational and analytical publication being continuously released by the CER is Uzbekistan Economy review, which covers the dynamic, qualitative and quantitative trends and tendencies that take place in the economy. To date, the Center has published reviews covering 2006 and 2007 data, and is about to release the semiannual and annual results for 2008. Beginning from 2009 the review will be published on a quarterly basis.

The review covers a wide range of thematic areas, and presents data on the main economic indicators such as economic growth, annual foreign direct investment, price levels and inflation, as well as employment in the country. The review also covers the state budget, its income and expenditures, monetary policy of the Central Bank, fiscal policy, and equity market. The nature of the external economic relations, import and export structure, private sector development and market reviews are presented as well. The review highlights agriculture, industry, and services sector, their development patterns, and challenges, as well as regional development conditions. In addition, the review provides analysis of the income and expenditure patterns of people, their consumption tendencies, and evaluates the public support and welfare programmes.

Uzbekistan Economy is regularly published in three languages, including Uzbek, Russian, and English, which widens its target audience. The data used in the report is comprised of official statistics and is obtained with an assistance of the Ministry of Economics, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, the State Committee for Statistics, and other agencies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It is important to note, that the review’s target audience involves government agencies, private sector, research institutions, international organizations, diplomatic corps, higher education institutions, and other interested parties. The publication will be useful due to its presentation of a solid, credible analytical data on the various aspects of Uzbekistan’s economy.

More details on both publications are available in the "Publications" section of the website.