Upcoming publication: Almanac “Uzbekistan 2010”


Upcoming publication: Almanac “Uzbekistan 2010”

Almanac "Uzbekistan" - unique publication, containing information on the state structure, nature, economy, country regions, health, education, culture, and sport. The second edition of the Almanac - "Uzbekistan 2010" is releasing next month. The first issue of the Almanac -"Uzbekistan 2008" was published in 2009 with the support of the UNDP project “Statistics of the Millennium Goals”.

The main purpose of the publication - raise awareness of readers, in particular government officials, private business, national and foreign investors on the main directions and achievements of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan.

What makes a new Almanac “Uzbekistan 2010”?

First of all, it took quite a long time since the first edition of Almanac, therefore, the new edition presents fresh and updated data.

Second - systematized and updated format of almost all sections: expanded sections on macroeconomic indicators, foreign trade, industry and agriculture; renewal of "Regions" section, as well as new look of "Uzbekistan and the World" chapter.

Third - the language of publication. As you know, previous Almanac “Uzbekistan 2008” was published only in Uzbek and Russian languages. Considering growing interest of international organizations and increase in foreign readership, the Almanac “Uzbekistan 2010” is releasing in English.

Only official data from state statistics, ministries and departments, international organizations and institutions were used in preparing the publication. In the same manner as in the previous edition, all information presented in the form of colorful charts, graphs and tables.