Center for Economic Research presents new issues of key publications


Center for Economic Research presents new issues of key publications

The Center for Economic Research (CER) hosted a presentation of its new publications, the informational-analytical review “Uzbekistan Economic Trends” and the statistical bulletin Almanac “Uzbekistan 2010”, in its conference hall on July 9, 2010. The primary intent of the publications is raising public awareness on key issues of socio-economic development, providing illustrated information about the changes that occurred in the country during the years of independence as well as increasing access to analytical data and statistics which can be successfully used in a variety of fields. Attending the presentation were representatives of mass media as well as public relations specialists of a number of international organizations and informational-resource centers. CER Research coordinator, A. Irmanov, presented the new publications.

Statistical bulletin Almanac “Uzbekistan 2010” – contains information on almost every field of life and activity in Uzbekistan for a quite long period, from 1999 to 2010. In particular, there is data about the nature, population and labor resources, cultural and sports achievements, about the economy and the development of its fields, foreign relations of Uzbekistan and its political structure, Uzbekistan’s position in the world in the context of particular fields and areas of activity. In addition, the contact information on government agencies included in the publication may be useful for foreign investors in pursuit of new opportunities for a profitable capital investment. Economic development of the regions and each region’s contribution to the economic development of the country is reviewed in detail. Information is presented in charts and diagrams, which makes it easy to use to both specialists and students, even secondary school students. Compact formatting of the bulletin makes it possible to always have it at hand which allows to be “armed” with numbers in any situation. The new issue of Almanac is being published in three languages: Uzbek, Russian, and English.

Informational-analytical review “Uzbekistan Economic Trends” – represents a quarterly analysis of the results of socio-economic reforms in the country. The publication is especially helpful when it’s necessary to not only have the numbers but to also recognize the reasons of their origin, to understand why certain trends developed in the economy of the country. The publication is distinguished by its analysis being based on information from a variety of sources which form a wholesome picture of the changes in progress. The Review allows monitoring the trends determining the state of economy in the nearest future which is helpful in planning any commercial activity. Like Almanac, the review “Uzbekistan Economic Trends” is published in three languages: Uzbek, Russian, and English.

At present, Almanac “Uzbekistan 2010” and the Informational-Analytical Review “Uzbekistan Economic Trends” deserve to be named unique publications and may be acquired in such stores as “Sharq Ziyokori” and “Bookland”, by subscription through agencies “Inter-press”, “Kaleon”, “BTL Arzi Media”, or by contacting the Commercial Service of the editor’s office of the “Economic Review” magazine.