Housing and utilities reform: issues, challenges, and prospects

Research areas: Economic Transformation

Duration: January 2013 - January 2014

Housing and utilities reform: issues, challenges, and prospects

The main task of the housing and communal services (HCS) industry is to provide consumers with quality and reliable services at an affordable price, while allowing service providers to generate revenue sufficient for their stable functioning.

The monopolistic position of entities that provide utility services at a time when the utility infrastructure is severely worn out have resulted in high costs and low-quality services in the housing and utilities sector.

The solution is to create a competitive environment, which will help to reduce losses in the grids and avert unjustified price increases for housing and utility services.

The result of the research would be a set of policy recommendations directed to the improvement of the tariff and institutional policy in the sector, which are the key factors driving the emergence and sustainability of the private operators.

Expert's dicussions on the blog (in Russian):

What are the main factors that do not allow to create a competitive environment in the utilities sector?

Housing and utilities reforms: improving the institutional and tariff policy

Private investments in housing and utilities sector

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