Vision 2030

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Duration: August 2013 - April 2015

Vision 2030

The work on preparation of structural reforms of Uzbekistan for the 2030 period "Vision-2030" started in the frames of joint initiative of World Bank and the Government of Uzbekistan, also with support from UNDP. CER has been selected as one of the main national partners to develop this concept.

The strategy of structural reforms in Uzbekistan is prepared to enhance the effectiveness of development efforts towards supporting the Republic of Uzbekistan in its aspirations to become an idustrialized upper middle-income country by the year 2030 through policy dialogue and development of a long-term strategy. Within the Vision 2030 project, CER provides an analytical support by conducting following research projects:

  1. Development of transport in Uzbekistan and Central Asia within the context of structural transformations
  2. Energy sector development and resource efficiency
  3. Formation of enabling competitive environment as a key factor to increase effectiveness of the economic performance and accelerating structural reforms
  4. Human resources policies

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