Family Assets Mobilization (2010)

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Duration: October 2009 - October 2011

Family Assets Mobilization (2010)

FAM-2004 was largely based on the ideas and approaches developed by Hernando de Soto in his renowned book ‘The Mystery of Capital’, where he argued that the enhanced capacity of households to effectively mobilize their ‘idle’ capital is the key to unleashing the capacities of the poor for income generation and to contribute to overall economic growth.

During the last five years the FAM-2004 recommendations had a considerable impact on social and economic policies. The row of governmentally supported programs, such as the development of microfinance institutions, reduced transactions costs and home-based employment expanded the opportunities of households and businesses.

At the same time, for various reasons, such as the lack of sufficient resources, knowledge and skills or limited access to infrastructure, some households are either unable or unwilling to take advantage of the improved business environment and start their own business. Others prefer to remain as waged workers. Additionally, those households that already have businesses are reluctant to invest their disposable resources into the expansion and diversification of production and the recruitment of new employees.

These new dimensions will be included as new components of FAM-2010, which mainly focuses on enhancement of social and economic mobility in order to contribute to the improvement of living standards.

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