Support to Reform Process in Uzbekistan (SRPU)

Donor: UNDP

Research areas: Institutional Transformation

Duration: June 2005 - December 2011

The project furnishes the Government of Uzbekistan with a stream of policy analyses, recommendations, and blueprints produced by the Center for Economic Research. With support of UNDP and the Government, SRPU and CER are providing substantive support to reform process in Uzbekistan, increasing public awareness of reform and development agenda, informing the society on public policy matters, fostering public-private dialog, promoting social consensus and strengthening government accountability. Under support of SRPU project CER serves as a liaison between the Government, UNDP and other international development agencies, aligning and coordinating the Government’s reform agenda with UNDP’s objectives and priorities, including the Millennium Development Goals for Uzbekistan. The project is also to enhance the indigenous capacity for public policy analysis based at CER and other think tanks in Uzbekistan and elsewhere in Central Asia.