Central Asian Gateway (CAG)

Donor: UNDP

Research areas:

Duration: March 2003 - December 2009

The Central Asian Gateway (CAG) project aims at facilitating development and integration in the countries of Central Asia through promoting networking among socio-economic research institutions and other development stakeholders, knowledge sharing and experience exchange focusing on the issues of good governance, regional integration and private sector development. The CAG portal on development issues was developed in accordance with recommendations received during the International Conference on "Economic Reforms and Foreign Direct Investment in Transition Economies: Lessons Learned and Prospects for Central Asia", held in Tashkent in January 2003. At present the Project implements the series of sub-projects and activities, including but not limited to maintaining a number of web-resources on development issues (including www.darvoza.uz, www.communityimpowerment.net, www.caginternet.org, www.gendergateway.uz) providing open access to e-databases, and rendering services on web-site construction and promotion.