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CER annually produces a number of policy papers and briefs on key issues of socio-economic development issues, including but not limited to macroeconomic, monetary, fiscal, social, trade, industrial policy, real sector of economy, governance, knowledge based economy, ICT4D, etc. To date CER has produced more than 150 policy papers/briefs whereas more than 50% of policy recommendations have found their reflection in respective policy decisions.

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  • Information-analytical review “Economy of Uzbekistan”

    Information-analytical review “Economy of Uzbekistan”

    The product combines several thematic sections, i.e. macroeconomic indicators, financial sector, foreign economic activity, private sector development and market transformation, sectors and branches of economy (industry, agriculture, consumer goods market, trade and services), regions, incomes and expenses of the population.

  • E-Government Implementation and Administrative Reform in Uzbekistan - Interrelations and Interference (2004/06)

    E-Government Implementation and Administrative Reform in Uzbekistan - Interrelations and Interference (2004/06)

    The main goal of the research paper lies in definition of the main directions of e-government implementation in Uzbekistan through interrelations with administrative reform.

  • Almanac of Uzbekistan 2008

    Almanac of Uzbekistan 2008

    Center for Economic Research proudly presents a new product entitled “Almanac of Uzbekistan 2008”. The product offers a review of Uzbekistan’s development dynamics illustrated by diagrams, graphs and tables, and providing a comprehensive analysis of current achievements and development trends. The almanac uses both official and administrative statistical data.

  • Uzbekistan Almanac 2010

    Uzbekistan Almanac 2010

    The primary intent of the publication is to enhance the awareness of the readers, particularly the government officials, representatives of private sector, local and international investors about key directions and achievements in the socio-economic development of Uzbekistan since it had become independent.